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Sashami Equity Group invest in project focused in Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

Sashami Equity Group invests in industry 4.0 and IoT, seeing synergy with the business activities of our investors, crating synergy and mutual benefits

Sashami Equity Group invests in the line of smart money philosophy, providing companies with not only capital, but also knowledge, networking and experience.

Being aware of the responsibility of the planet, Sashami Equity Group invests exclusively in sustainable development projects, combining economic value with ecological awareness.



Industry 4.0 and ICT projects with global potential

Initial fund size:

10 M EUR

Stage of projects:

Seed, startup, early growth

Ticket size:

0,5 M – 2 M EUR


Equity or buyout

Co-investments allowed:



Michał Marciniak


Aleksander Husák


Paweł Sobczak



How can I apply for an investment?

If you want your venture to become part of the Sashami Equity Group, you must submit an application to us. We don’t want to impose the form on you – do it the way you think it will be the most convincing. Application must include at least the core of your idea, business model and expected investment value.

How long is the investment process?

Depending on the complexity of the idea and on the time You need to provide us with the answers to follow-up questions – the assessment of the idea should sum up to 2 months. Add twice as much for negotiations and due diligence and we should be able to come up with an understanding within 4-5 months.

Why should I apply to Sashami Equity Group?

We are investing in ideas that are close to the core business of our investors, so they can provide smart money approach to the whole portfolio. As a Equity Fund, Sashami Equity Group focuses on developing the ideas from ground up and ensuring that the founders get as much assistance as they need – for mutual benefits.

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